Zenstra Bio-Health Invictimune®
Zenstra Bio-Health Invictimune®
Zenstra Bio-Health Invictimune®
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Invictimune is our immune support supplement, formulated in collaboration with Prof. Khalid Matalka. Professor Matalka is an immunobiologist and post-doctoral research fellow of Harvard, with over 25 years of experience, who has authored over 60 papers in the field of immunology. Our team also consulted with Japanese and Chinese researchers.

Further details on the formula can be found on the scientific research page.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      James McCallum
      Unanswered and unresolved complaint

      Hello... so this has not been a good experience whatsoever. I ordered this around the first/second week in April, it took 10 weeks to arrive. I initially accepted the fact there were customs issues so I wasn't particularly bothered at this point. When initially querying this (around 1 month or so after ordering), I was told I'd recieve a 2nd bottle free of charge as a goodwill gesture, I appreciated abd and accepted this. Another month or so later, I received the package without the additional bottle that I'd been offered as a good will gesture. Also this bottle I've just received is already expired! Seriously... what is going on? Really poor service. I've already sent photo proof of this via both email and I did message your company on messenger but still haven't had a response yet.

      Please help me out here, am really not doing well in general and really growing increasingly fed up of chasing this. I was a huge advocate of your company before this situation and I'd like to be again, however this has put that into jeopardy. Would appreciate a prompt response to this.

      Thank you,

      Elsie Ledger
      Amazing supplement

      A brilliant supplement that has been designed with evident in-depth scientific research. Full of fantastic ingredients that you do not get in other supplements. I take these any time I feel under the weather and within a few days I’m back to full health

      Steven Dalglish
      Everything I need in an immune supplement

      Having studied wellness and health for a few decades I appreciate the benefits of correct immune boosting herbs and botanicals which can boost the human immune system. Invictimune has everything I need to keep my immune system intact along with a healthy lifestyle.

      Combat Jack
      Feel great and never ill

      Finally something that works!


      I started the invictimune 6 months ago, and WOW. I normally suffer with tonsils 5/6 times a year - I haven’t had it once since starting! Also I get cdlsores all through the year that last atleast 2 weeks - I’ve only had ONE! And it went away within 2 days. I honestly cannot believe the difference it has made to my life. I feel healthy, energised and all round great for the first time ever and I can’t thank Zenstra enough for making these wonderful magical pills! Please never stop making them!

      Jame Mckay

      This product, again, I think is great. I use all 4 products. I am feeling better, sleeping better and getting on with what everyday throws at me. Highly recommend all products . Ps I will be repurchasing all the products

      Dawn Steve Cain

      I'm very satisfied as always with your products. As for the affects, will have to wait and see how winter goes more to do with getting through the winter for me.. Let's see

      Eugenie O'Brien
      Great company

      These arrived very quickly and my husband and I have been taking one daily.
      So far so good. Hopefully they will keep our immune systems strong during these uncertain times.

      Beata Jaworowska

      GREAT Product!

      kyriaki Georgiou

      so far so good