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Das sagten unsere Kunden.
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Great product & delivery on time


I don’t think they are as good as when I started first taking them maybe im used to them now

Gutes Produkt

Good quality product very good very pleased with results

Amazing product so far!

Been using Zen1 for 4 days so far, taking 1 every morning. My anxiety & depression has improved quite a bit - especially for the little time I've been using it, my thoughts are more clear/happy and I have been focusing on keeping eye contact with people when talking which is going good so far (I haven't felt the need to look away while talking). I have been having a better night's sleep, with more dreams I remember so my REM sleep is increasing - also I've been waking up not feeling tired at all (normally I set multiple snooze alarms because I have no motivation to get up).

Hopefully it's back in stock before I run out so I can purchase another bottle!


I’m loving the Zen 1 and have ordered my second batch of four bottles! 💛🤘


Exactly what it says on the tin. Calm, energised, awakened, focus without any of the jitters you get from other supplements, or too much coffee!
Won’t impact on sleep, so no need to worry about whether you have taken one too late in the day. Lovely.

Good product

I have a very physically and mentally demanding job and for the first half of the day I find this really seems to help .

When life gives you lemons, take lemon aid

I love this product, it really helps my anxiety. Super fast shipping too!

Great for sleep

I find if i take 2 before bed i get a good restfull sleep

Not yet received

Waiting for it to arrive

Love them!!!

Happy new year and best wishes!

Got my life back

These have really helped me get my life back on track . I feel less anxious and my mood has lifted. Great product 😍

A gentle aid for sleep

My husband has always had trouble sleeping, and we have tried various things, avoiding sleeping pills, but with very limited success. But Lemon-Aid 714 has definitely helped. One capsule is enough to let him drop off easily and get a real night’s rest without feeling drowsy in the morning. Thank you.

New to Lemon Aid

I’ve only been taking lemon aid for a short while on and off (only because sometimes I forget to take them at night) but I do believe I am calmer and less anxious since taking them. I am slowly trying to come off citalopram and will definitely continue to use lemon aid whilst doing so! Anytime I have tried to wean off before, I always went back because I felt low and anxious but I believe lemon aid is helping with these symptoms! My sister recommended them to me and told me your story Saran, it’s nice to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. So grateful to be introduced to your site - feeling positive! Thank you xx

Helped a lot

I ordered a trial pack for my son who suffers from anxiety. He said they were amazing so I ordered a couple of bottles. He now takes them daily as he says they help him have a good night's sleep and get through the day feeling calm.

Helps me dramically

So glad I came across this product , really helps me battle my anxiety and carry on with life

best product for a good sleep

I have been trying many methods for sleeping or better say to fall asleep again after several wakes and Lemon aid is the best so far. I wake up fresh and rested and I have learned how important this is. A good sleep is the base for a good life :) also my mood is improved

Amazing Product

This has helped me when I’ve struggled sleeping, can’t recommend them enough.

Fantastic product, really relaxs you

Great product , helps with a peaceful nights sleep and also definitely takes the edge off any stress that you may be feeling.

Life saver

Absolutely brilliant product couldn't have got through this busy period without them. I'm a self employed dog groomer and normally am so stressed this time of year that I'm unable to sleep and very short tempered. Huge thanks to you will be ordering some more in Jan. Merry Christmas xx

Zitronenhilfsmittel 714 Kapseln - 500 mg x60

Calmness resumed

Really needed something to help with my anxiety and sleeplessness. This works, I would and have recommended it to others

Such a help

I choose to take Lemon-Aid as my job over the last 6 months has been incredibly stressful and demanding. I have also always suffered with anxiety. I have been taking lemon-aid for just under a month and I have found them to be very helpful in keeping me calm and yet alert and able to cope with the 12-13 hours days I have been working. I also find I sleep really well which is the only way I think I’m getting through this very trying time. I am so grateful for this product and hope this honest review is helpful to others deciding if this product is for them. I have just purchased another batch and will continue to use whilst my working life is so crazy.