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When life gives you lemons...


Introducing Lemello...

Lemello is the latest incarnation of our blockbuster Lemon-Aid range.

It's the same great Lemon-Aid formula you know and love...

But this time,

We added something extra...

This time,

Lemello contains Mulungu.

What is Mulungu?

If you have ever ventured into the depths of the Amazon rainforest, you might have encountered a tree with coral red flowers.

What you might not have known is that its bark contains powerful alkaloids which have long been used for promoting sleep and serenity.*

Not many people are familiar with mulungu, aside from the indigenous tribes of Amazonia...

It has long been used by the shamans of the Amazon...

In particular, shamans use it to help them keep calm during spiritual ceremonies...

During such ceremonies, they drink certain plant infusions which they claim help them to enter the spirit world.

Mulungu is sometimes added to these shamanic infusions, due to its alleged soothing properties.*

Lemello contains Mulungu in a highly concentrated 20:1 extract.

Each Lemello capsule packs the equivalent of 2 whole grams of mulungu bark.

This is in addition to the other concentrated extracts which were already in the original Lemon-Aid formula.

Each capsule also packs the equivalent of 750mg of lemon balm, 75mg of oleamide, 75mg of valerian and almost 4,400mg of magnolia.

We now include mulungu too, all at no extra cost to you.

Don't let life overwhelm you.*

With Lemello,

Keep calm*

Sleep well*

Feel mellow*

Zenstra Bio-Health Ltd. Lemello®
Zenstra Bio-Health Ltd. Lemello®
Zenstra Bio-Health Ltd. Lemon-Aid 714
Zenstra Bio-Health Ltd. Lemello
  • KEEP CALM: May help to maintain composure under stress*
  • SLEEP WELL: Supports restful sleep, conducive to waking up feeling fresh and revived*
  • FEEL MELLOW: Socialize at ease or relax after a long day*
Zenstra Bio-Health

Natural relaxation*


Natural relaxation*

Zenstra Bio-Health

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